About us

In 2002, we were busy with a bathroom project for our old dike house. Despite travelling across Holland and a large part of Belgium we couldn't find the nostalgic style of freestanding bath we were looking for, finally sourcing the perfect 'bath on feet' from the UK. We wondered how many people had faced a similar dilemma.

Which is why in 2004, we decided to specialise in unique and luxurious hand made baths, taps and toilets. We also wanted to offer something different in terms of the whole sales experience. We'd spent enough time in large floodlit showrooms with armies of sales teams chasing targets to want to provide a far more personal service - a project approach if you like.

Rina (the owner and MD) has helped everyone from TV personalities to luxury hotel owners, to high profile fashion designers to actors, rap artists, set stylists to B&B's, to couples young and old realise their ideal bathroom. She's delivered baths to castles, chateaux, Tuscan villas, film sets, hunting lodges, hotels, Amsterdam canal houses and even to an old Herring trawler. But more often, it's just about helping people transform an ordinary bathroom into a very special room with a bath.

And if things go wrong (bits are missed, an installer is unfamiliar with the fitting etc.) Rina is on hand to help and if necessary, drive on-site to solve the problem.