We don't offer any sink, bath, basin or tap we wouldn't be happy using ourselves. Before the design, we look at the quality of manufacture and the materials used, everything must begin from a firm foundation.

Cast Iron.
Our cast iron baths are created using artisanal principles and processes long established as the best ways to create durable, resilient baths that look as good in 10 years time as they do fresh from the foundry. You need a smooth, blemish free surface for the enamel to be optimally applied and we reject anything that falls even a little short of this standard.

Stone Cast.
Our stone cast baths offer a multi-layered construction of special resins and stone powders. The surface is a high-gloss, bright white enamel. This is far more resilient than acrylic and won't chip as easily. Stone cast baths offer unrivalled strength yet are lighter and more portable than cast iron.

Layer after layer after layer of brilliant glazing ensures our ceramics are silk like to the touch yet robust enough to withstand years of use.

Hand crafted cabinets and toilet seats.
We don't do chipboard or MDF, we only offer solid sustainable oaks and hardwoods that have been sourced, honed, shaped, stained or painted in England. And far from a non-essential luxury, you'll find a thick wooden, hand made toilet seat infinitely more comfortable and durable than anything else. Created by carpenters and available in colours to harmonise with every interior.